Friday, May 24, 2013

Toads: Letting Go

Fireblossom Friday -- Location, Location, Location!

Write prose/poetry where the image/place is 
an integral part of the writing.

Sedona, AZ ~ Photo by Grace Beam

Sitting at the bottom of this pile of boulders
which represented all that I wanted to release
I listened with eyes closed to my guide
taking me to oneness by letting go of the sludge
and inviting the joy of living inside 

The wind was still when we began
and I held tightly to a pebble in my hand
I felt the vortex winds begin to swirl around me
initially feeling my raven nestled 
on the top of my head
(the imagery I had of the me who wanted 
to be freed in the ancient canyon)

As my guide suggested I invited in the parts of me
who had been locked out
and then felt my raven soar to freedom
Vortex winds whipped around me
as tears fell from my eyes
silently letting her go knowing that was her wish
my reason for the journey

The joy of the hummingbird I had seen
in the morning
entered my being
along with other entities of life
Afterwards I held the pebble
representing my past
to my heart

I felt the need to hurl it over the pile of rocks
and stood to where I could throw it
with full force
Releasing it, I knew it would not fully clear
and wondered what would happen
if all I had just achieved bounced back at me

A definitive sound of pebble on rock was heard
Both guide and I cringed for a moment
until we saw it bounce in the direction of the
canyon behind and below
Cheers and tears for the healing
Although it was only one part of quest


  1. Sedona is one of the most spectacular places on Earth ... it is mystical, magical, spiritual and incredibly beautiful. Whenever I visit, I feel at peace, full. Lovely poem Maggie Grace ... lovely.

    1. Thank you so much, Helen. It is spectacular. The view...everywhere. And such peace. I hope I can visit again one day.

  2. Wow, that is a great symbolic release of what was burdening you. It must have felt so freeing. Letting go is very healing indeed. Lovely poem and photo :)

    1. It was and thank you, Loredana! Part of my quest was letting go of fear and I just knew snakes were hiding in that pile. lol

  3. Yes, a fabulous symbolic act of release of what troubled you. Ah, fear it plagues us all. I have released fear of many things and yet there is more I must face.

    1. Yes, releasing fear is a journey and every step a celebration. I learned to think differently about my fears and am noticing how much it helps. But something else happened there because my therapist has been trying to get me to think differently about it forever. Ha! Thank you for visiting and sharing.

  4. I too loves the symbolism in your poem~ I love the idea of letting go! Fear weighs heavy on our mind and in our hearts~

  5. This sounds like a most self-fulfilling experience.

  6. Thank you, Ella and Kerry, for reading and commenting. Greatly appreciated.

  7. What a lovely portrayal of a healing ceremony.

  8. I'm so glad your pebble didnt bounce back. Ha. I'm sure seeing such natural magnificence is more healing than an "office visit". Wish we all had this within a days drive.

    1. Yes, I wish I lived there or nearby too. Airfare was so expensive but worth it for the journey. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  9. Maggie, Sedona... ah, yes. This is a meditation on ways we no longer embrace, except in those "thin places," closer to Creator and Creation. Your experience, so rich, the raven flying free, the hummingbird in your heart, and the pebble, flung and possibly helped by the raven over to the other side? Beautiful. Thanks, and peace, Amy

    1. Thank you so much...lovely thoughts, Amy!

  10. For a metaphorical location, this one was certainly vividly presented! And I love the raven, of course. Thanks so much for being part of my FBF challenge.

    1. Thank you! It was real. I mean I was really there. It just had a metaphorical meaning for me. Glad it came across as vivid because it was a deeply emotional experience. Great prompt and so timely for me.

  11. This made me feel the joy of letting go, when I walk on sand and look at the ocean.