Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Carpe Diem: Tarot #197-#201

Carpe Diem 

the last night of spring 
stars so close i can grab them 
breeze carries days heat

#197 Justice

blind justice holds sword 
cannot see frantic chaos 
how can wisdom rule

how can wisdom rule 
without sight for the ruthless 
where is divine guide

 #198 The Hanged Man

upside down hanged man 
views world from new perspective 
unfolding of self

 #199 Death

black feather of death
spirals up to higher realm
giving me new life

#200 Temperance

one foot land
another water
balance qi

guardian angel
watch over my precious soul
newborn that it is

#201 Devil

my devil was real
higher power set me free
release and embrace

will not always free
until consciously aware
freedom a prized gift

Polyvore by grace2244


  1. Maggie you did these so well. They connect together in a thin string. Would be neat to see a cascade from one tarot to the next

    1. Thanks, Leslie. Was just playing catch up from when I was gone. Usually these would be single posts. Interesting that you said that. One card is supposed to lead to the next in tarot world. Nice to know my haiku does that but not intentionally!

  2. Wonderful how you caught up with this beautiful set. and as Leslie says they really connect to a coherent thought.. Welcome back

    1. Thanks, Björn. I kept up with tweets while away so just had to cut and paste those. They weren't written to be coherent...strange that they are. Or not. My brain does things I don't know about that are freaky good.

  3. Chapeau! You've really done a nice job Maggie. You've caught up ... really a joy to see that you're back again.

    1. Thank you, Kristjaan! I missed my computer and keyboard. Was able to tweet Carpe Diem which felt good. Very spiritual journey I had.

  4. wonderful set
    and very thoughtful