Friday, May 24, 2013

FF: Force Against Nature

Flash! Friday #25

Write a 300 word story based on the following photo prompt:

“The Little Mermaid,” sculpture by Evard Eriksen.
Photo courtesy of John Nyberg

She sat atop the rocks in the breeze of the sea watching the fiery sunset. But she had not climbed the rocks for she was a mermaid, an elemental. A force against nature had perched her on the rocks where it was too dangerous for her to lean into the water. The laws of her world forbade her to be seen by humans. She sat forlorn wondering what to do.

Praying to Mother Nature, she asked for guidance. Soon darkness hid her completely from the world and she succumbed to the heaviness of sleep. She dreamed of large waves carrying her out to sea to safety and the arms of a strong wind leading her to a soft landing in the water.

The beautiful mermaid awoke to torrential rains before dawn. The tide swelled and waves lapped just below her. Still, she feared landing on one of the rock outcroppings below the surface. Mother Nature had given her a tail to swim but it was not a gift when stranded on the high rock.

“I can help you,” said a young boy.

Aghast, the mermaid turned to see the youngster balanced on the rocks dressed in yellow rain slicker, hat and goulashes with a rubber raft.

“Please don’t be scared,” he said assuredly for one so young. “I know of your kind and saw you last night. No one knows I’m here. But we have to be quick before the sun rises. Lean this way and fall into the raft. I can push you away from the rocks.”

Grateful for the boy’s kindness, she let herself fall into the small rubber raft and felt herself moving away from the rocks. As she got her bearings to return to sea, she looked back to thank the boy, but he had disappeared.

Words: 300
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