Friday, May 10, 2013

Vision Quest: Thoughts Beforehand

Thoughts on Vision Quest

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to be, not to be, who will i be
i shall be
a better me
a freer me
a me capable of joy
a me at peace with all of me
and all within who sacrificed
for when i would be "me"
once before i was one
my mind allowed me to be
until the walls came down

the rebuilding allowed for
deeper healing
the finale of which will be
at the edge of the canyon
at the place of the vortex
next week

who will i be
how will i feel
will i miss the me left behind
so i could go on?

a vision quest
to see the truth of my soul
to embrace and release
and return renewed


  1. I love this Maggie. The play on words and well place rhyming and rhythm make this a great poem to ream and shy to your self I read over a few times. Good work.

    1. How nice of you to read and comment on this! Am getting ready for my trip and just wanted to put my thoughts down. I have other haiku and prose that goes with this journey but will wait till I come back to organize it. Thanks so much for your lovely words!

  2. Very astute and incisive. This line is especially to the point for me "will I miss the me left behind so i could go on?" Excellent work.

    1. Thank you, Alice, for finding this, reading and taking time to comment! That line weighs heaviest on me too!