Monday, May 20, 2013

FSF: Close Encounters (5)

Five Sentence Fiction (Accident)

Photo by Grace Beam

Finding herself in sacred grounds of Sedona was no accident. Libby had learned to heed the messages that came through her inner wisdom in its various and sometimes mysterious ways.

In hindsight it was eerie how the winds went from calm to whirling around her when she focused on her purpose for being in the desert.  It wasn't until she returned home to what had been her chaotic life that she knew the message was to slow down and, at times, just be still.

She heard the winds and felt the sun and saw the beauty and touched the sky when she allowed herself to be still.

(Libby's complete story to date can be found here.)



  1. Beautiful. My character in this week's piece could learn a lot from your character.

  2. Very nicely done.

  3. This is truly a lovely piece.

  4. Beautiful. So easy how life passes us by with all the rushing when we need to just be. You put the point across so vividly. xx