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Close Encounters (To Date)

This is the culmination of Libby's story to date:

VisDare: Abandoned

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In spite of the damp chill in the air, Libby decided to jog to clear her mind. Today she would take a different route that was not quite so physically challenging. Having recently moved to the area, much remained to be explored.

Finding a path through the wooded area, she came upon an open field. The grass seemed to be nearly dead, unlike the rest of the lush green landscape. Strangely, abandoned chairs sat ghostly in a haphazard arrangement. Perhaps at one time an orchestra had played there. Or an outdoor wedding had been suddenly abandoned.

The sight brought her jogging to a halt as she stared at the oddity before her. Intrigued by the sight, she trepidly approached one of the chairs. Just as her hand reached out to it, all vanished from view. Libby gasped and shook her head. Did she have a vision or something else entirely?

Trifecta: Close Encounter

While Libby's short-lived encounter with the vanishing chairs was chilling, she continued her jog trying to focus on things not out of the ordinary. That field of empty chairs was just too unnerving.

Trifecta: Close Encounters (2)

Relieved to be back in familiar surroundings, Libby thought of showering and kicking back for the evening. As she felt the water flowing through her hair down her body, her mind returned to the vision she had of the vanishing chairs while jogging. In her mind, though, she saw the chairs disappear one at a time until only one remained. The internal black and white image suddenly changed to color with a beautiful field of flowers atop a hill where the sole chair sat.

Libby had been reading about instinct, "gut feelings", raising one's consciousness, inner wisdom and other related topics wanting to better develop her sense of awareness. She wondered if the illusion of chairs in the field while jogging was a clue to this internal vision. She finished showering, put on her comfy jammies, grabbed a cup of tea, and flopped down sideways on her armchair.  She cherished the silence after jogging. Drinking her tea had a sacred quality to it. Quiet was appropriate. In between sips she closed her eyes returning to the beautiful field in her mind, the chair seeming to beckon her.

Though it made her question her reality, she next saw a male figure in a tuxedo in the distance behind the chair urging her to “come in”. Libby was familiar with guided imagery so imagining places in her mind was not a new experience. Having it be interactive was definitely a new experience. Could the tuxedo-ed figure be the manifestation of her inner wisdom?  If she allowed herself to run through the field to the chair, would she be opening a door to her subconscious?

Write At The Merge: Close Encounters (3) 

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Such a beautiful Spring day for a jog with the cherry trees in full bloom and barely a cloud in the sky, Libby thought exiting her workplace. She could watch the bright pink sunset on the second half of her jog. After changing into her exercise clothes at home, she was on her way. Loving when she got into that adrenaline high, it felt like the rest of the world dissolved, her body on auto-pilot, and she could think clearly and deeply. When Libby went into “the zone”, she sometimes wondered who was watching her route ensuring she didn’t trip. She had come to accept she was in safe hands even if not consciously present.

While lost in thought, Libby heard a man’s voice say, “I’ve been waiting for you.” The tone was deep and demanding of respect. She swung her head around to see who had spoken to her. No one was there.

“Not there,” said the same voice impertinently.

She shook her head as if to make sure she wasn’t hearing voices.

“I’m in here and you are not crazy,” the voice said emphatically.

Libby stopped dead in her tracks. She knew without a doubt the voice had come from inside her mind. She sat on the bench at the side of the path, head in her hands, remembering the vision she had before of the man in the tuxedo at the top of the beautiful hill. When he had appeared, her thoughts had been interrupted by a phone call so she hadn’t tried to find out who he was; although she often imagined the flowery hill to calm herself when feeling anxious.

She thought she was thinking to herself but really mumbled aloud. “Are YOU the man in the tuxedo?” not believing she was actually asking.

“Indeed, I am.”

Okay, Libby thought. Ask the question you really want to know. “Are you my inner wisdom?”

“What do YOU think?” he replied in the same know-it-all
pompous voice.  

Trifecta: Week Seventy-Seven
Close Encounters (4)

Libby swung her legs around onto the bench and layed down eyes closed to deliberate as to how to proceed. In spite of the intimidating voice, she felt drawn to this spirit or guide or whatever inner wisdom was in the universe of her mind. Admittedly surreal, she needed to know more.

The beautiful hill was immediately in view with her "guide" beckoning her to come to him. She started up the hill, touching the flowers with her hands, inhaling the fragrance, engaging all of her senses. When she reached the top, she saw the same bench she was lying upon with her tuxedo-ed gentleman not far from her.

"Why are you so scary?" she asked him.

He broke his fa├žade and chuckled. "Well I had to get your attention. I do speak with wisdom which carries some authority in my voice, I suppose. You needn't be afraid of me, Libby."

She walked closer to him gazing at his wise elderly face noticing his kind eyes. She felt a tingling of energy approaching him. Raising her hand, she softly touched the side of his face and immediately felt a rush of love like nothing she had ever felt before. Tears welled in her eyes. He placed his hands on her shoulders asking if she was still afraid of him. 

"No," she said wiping away her tears. “Who are you? What are you? I have so many questions.”

“All in due time,” he answered in a softer kinder tone. 

Trifecta: Week Seventy-Nine
Close Encounters (5)

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The sound of rollerbladers laughing and whizzing by jolted Libby from her internal close encounter with a man…a hallucination…a spirit guide…claiming to be her inner wisdom. She jogged staring into the deep pink sunset until she reached her door. Safely at home, she could meander into her mind without interruption. “He” seemed to feel there was some urgency to her discovering him. The language swirling in her mind for what had happened felt odd and familiar at the same time. That weekly group she had joined for understanding intuition back in Maryland had used language she really couldn’t relate to until now. Did everyone have a tuxedo-ed man inside their head?

Libby called her instructor from that group hoping for some answers. Elise felt assured everyone had an inner wisdom but not all chose to find theirs. Each person experienced their inner wisdom differently. Sometimes they might appear as human but others had objects present such as trees or angels or whatever the mind revealed to them. Perhaps not everyone would respond well to the presence of another person inside. At least Libby felt not so crazy after hanging up.

Before falling asleep that night, Libby allowed herself to climb the hill again where she saw the bench covered in cherry blossoms. “His” voice suggested she be seated which she did, noticing the tall flowers around her and the pretty sky. As she took in the view she began to feel the bench rise. The reassuring voice inside told her to remain calm and just watch. When the bench stopped in mid-air, she was asked what she saw. Libby described the distant hills she could now see as well as the village below. It was all such a peaceful setting.

“What does it mean?” Libby asked.

“It means, you now have the ability to see from a new perspective,” he said wisely. 

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