Saturday, September 14, 2013

dVerse: Need A Bigger Boat

dVerse: Stuck In My Head

when i see dead people
most people can't handle the truth
but i don't really see them
just once...
no one puts Baby in the corner
but that's my preferred spot
so no one can sneak up
behind me
my lack of sense of time
has my husband saying with me now
during the announcement of
a season finale
we giggle but it's still disconcerting

we are both movie buffs
so quotes are part of our
mainstay vocabulary
we always need a bigger boat
and nothing looks like Kansas
to me
not that i knew what it looked like ever
we'll hop on that bandwagon
when we get to it
like Ziva on NCIS i mix up the sayings
but he always knows what i mean
ya know what i mean? 
Houston, we always have a problem.



  1. ha smiles... my daughters play a game sometimes... one of them says any quote from any film and the other is not allowed to say the title but has to quote another line from that film... they're really good at it... ha...smiles...

    1. I had to look up most famous movie quotes because I couldn't just think of things I say all the time. It was fun to see the list. But I wouldn't be able to play your daughters' game. I can barely remember last week's episode on tv to connect to this week's new one.

  2. ha.. I can't imagine being hooked on cinema quotes .. but still it happened this morning anyway... :-) love what you did here.. quite a lot of quotations you have lined up here.

    Play it again :-)

  3. This is so good! Love it. You have a deft hand with this one, and I too prefer the corner for the same reasons. Great lines you brought in.

    1. Thank you! Am glad to have written something fun and that you like :)

  4. This one is right down my cinematic alley, as dyed-in-cinema movie buff, director of Tacoma Film Club, & ex-actor myself, I can dig it beyond remoteness, far out, where most men have not gone before, knowing most men need a little madness, because I love you, Shane, even though I could tear your arms off, you scum-sucking pig, for anyone named rosebud has always relied on the kindness of strangers because I am Spartacus.

    1. lol, Glenn. Can't identify all of what you said but love the mixture! Do you know Hank Isaac? He's from Everett, WA. Director, screenwriter, short films. Just wondered cuz same neck of the woods. Westerns and gladiator movies were not my cup of tea. A guy thing probably. My husband has to watch Longmire when I'm far away from the tv ;-O

  5. haha i bet you could really get going slinging movie quotes back and forth at each other....dirty dancing was filmed just up the road from me actually....its good he always knows what you mean even when you mix up...that is cute...smiles

  6. Enjoyed the weaving of quotes and movie stuff ~ I am not so hardcore as my hubby, but we enjoy movies out of the house every so often ~

  7. I think one of the hardest things to pull off in poetry is humor. But you have succeeded wholly. >KB

    1. Thanks, KB. Wasn't intentionally trying to be snarkiness probably. haha

  8. Really loved this Maggie Grace, especially
    'and nothing looks like Kansas
    to me
    not that i knew what it looked like ever'
    Thanks for making me smile.
    Anna :o]

  9. Very pleasant reading here today, brings
    better times in to light. Nicely done.

  10. Ha, this was fun! Great stuff :)

  11. My husband always mixes up his sayings which make me giggle, but I do know what he means most of the time.