Tuesday, September 17, 2013

dVerse: Toeing the Line

dVerse: Balance

i used to compete
on the balance beam
in high school
even though afraid of heights
one season, third place, done
too scary up there

no balance in relationships
too scary there too
thought i got it right on #3
until my amnesia leaked
and memories spilled on the floor
and he couldn't deal with it

had to find my bearings again
with years of therapy
to fix the leaking brain
and support from a man who cared
even if i was spilling out
secrets of the CIA

marriage #4 has to be forever
60 to forever is doable
he knows every flaw
i know who i am
i'm the one with the insane past
whose still afraid of heights
but i have my balance...
most days


  1. It takes what it takes and I'm glad you've found balance.

  2. Bless you! You are finding your way, and with someone to go with you.

  3. you know, its good to be known and accepted...and i hope #4 does last forever...smiles...

  4. Hey think of it this way - you've still got lots of stories to tell. A life of mistakes is a life well lived - sounds to me like you've got a brand new start! Live it up!! Sending best wishes on round #4!

  5. A whole life in four brief stanzas - this is good, powerful stuff. And no, balance is not something I do well either!

  6. Yes indeed... keep your balance.. I'm sure you will.

    or if you fall, make sure it's not to far down

  7. It does sound like you have pretty much found balance at this point in your life. #4 sounds like a gem!

  8. sounds like you found the right one with #4..smiles.. yeah...60 to forever sounds do-able..all the best... smiles

  9. 60 to forever... Absolutely achievable! :)
    Great poem - says it all, about how life is.

  10. Look at it this way... 60 to forever? So far, so good! Steps and days have more meaning one day at a time! Another well crafted piece from your heart, Maggie Grace!