Monday, September 30, 2013

dVerse: Change Is Possible

dVerse: OpenLinkNight

never give up
i learned this week
sometimes compromise
comes at odd times
my husband who has asthma
and has fear of the fear
of an allergy
was steadfast about 
no furry critters

"even hypoallergenic dogs
have dander"
he reminds me
i've been furry petless
more than a decade
love my turtle and tortoise
but i miss the cuddles
and face licks
and being silly

realizing how much
i needed a furry companion
in my life
he began to open up
"i'll call my doctor"
"i'll see an allergist for something
in case i do sneeze or wheeze"
we did a doggie trial
with the breed we want
no swollen eyes or inhaler

yesterday i chose my puppy
from the now five-week-old litter
she won't come home for
another five weeks
she will get me moving again
a reason to move off the sofa
an issue i've had since 2007
one of my mind messages
not yet healed by neurofeedback

after committing to a life
without another cat or dog ever
i have more love for my husband
for allowing himself to open his mind...
accept change even if a bit uncomfortable
i'm in heaven
preparing for our new arrival

Photo by Yvonne Sadowy

Photo by Legin's Havanese (age 3 weeks)


  1. awww...i wanna see a pic of your new pups! they are so cool...cuddly and def add to life....i used to have asthma as well, so i understand....and good on hubs for being open to change...

    hey bring this to OLN tomorrow...

    1. awwwww...i am so glad you added the pic...that is awesome...what a cute little one!

  2. I can't think of life without a 'furry companion', Maggie. Like Brian, would also love to see those pups...:D
    Lovely poem and haiku!

    1. I don't know why some are seeing the two photos and others are not. She is too cute for words.

  3. Well....after those pics, all I can say is "awwwwwwwww". Puppy breath. :)

  4. oh nice... i had a dog when i was a kid...he was such a good friend...would love to have one as well again...difficult with full time work and all though...maybe one day...smiles...have fun with yours..

    1. I was full-time therapist 2004-2007 and then wham...disability. 1997-2003 was healing and grad school. So little movement. At home all day. Rarely go out except for dr appts. Puppy should help with all that. Definitely will be moving more in the home. I know I'll have fun!

  5. This is beyond cuddly... I'm not a dog person myself.. but I can so understand the need for a furry friend. Hope all goes well with asthma.. And you will most certainly get out of the sofa.. I expect more poems from this.

    1. Yes, must write about puppy fun on my other blog. Few prompts allow for doggie haiku ;-O

  6. So, so cute. I too have had a lifelong craving for a pet...

  7. SOOO CUTE! What kind are you getting? There is nothing like a puppy to get you off the couch, that's for sure. Have fun, Maggie, and post lots of pics.

  8. I understand your husband's fear; I felt that way about migraines- which thanks be, I have only occasionally and are quickly stopped by meds. I hope he continues to have no reactions to the pup. I am so grateful for my two cats.

    1. I used to have fear of fear of allergy attacks to but to trees, grass, etc. Always had pets until 2006. Nothing like love of animals. My potbellied pig was THE most loving pet ever.

  9. Aww--so happy for you! I am a bit allergic to my dog--but my husband is so allergic to cats that we can never go there --I miss them!

    1. Yes, if I had a choice, I'd have a cat. His allergies/fear prohibits a cat. Am happy with puppy. Will keep me more active which is the point anyway. I do miss them. Although I speak to my tortoise a LOT.

  10. awww...I love the picture of your puppy! :) awww...

    beautiful poetry...

  11. Oh, this is so touching. I understand the desire to have a dog; and I love, love, love the Havanese!!

  12. aww sweet. Glad he opened up to it. :)

  13. Puppies and babies are always so cute. Glad you finally have one to love.

  14. Congrats-- dont' know where I'd be without all the fur in our house. ~peace, Jason