Thursday, September 19, 2013

CD: Windstorm

Carpe Diem ~ Dividing Wind

Photo Source

winds whipping through field
we find shelter in the hut
huddling 'til its gone


winds of avignon
chilling warm september days
mistral from the sea

The prompt reminded me of the mistral when we were in France. Gorgeous clear blue skies and temperatures in the 80s except for three days when the mistral came through and shut down the sidewalk cafes making the city almost a ghost town.


  1. Thank you for 'mistral' a wind system I was unaware existed. So glad you found a cozy hut for hiding out!

  2. I love these. And all you can do is take shelter and hope the wind doesn't take the hut, too.

  3. don't French words sound sophisticated? loved both, espec. the second with it's melodic words...

  4. isn't it amazing that we can make a storm sound romantic and beautiful
    well you did

  5. I love the second one. How life can change so quickly! Thank you.

  6. Love the 'mistral from the sea' both haiku are excellent and your first poem sounds like my life !

    How exciting you are getting a puppy! You will have much joy together ~ carol, xo

  7. "mistral"

    How that word rolls around like a drop of honey in my mouth! Thanks for using it!

    Howling Autumn Wind

  8. Thank you for mistral... yes I knew about that.... I can see the lavender bending for the mistral