Monday, September 16, 2013

Tanka: Shadow Self

Tanka Poets On Site


my few memories 
a shadow of my life 
lived by others within 
we are all one now 
still a mere shadow


  1. a shadow of my life lived by others...
    those living within...
    it is good they are one hard though

    1. All that happened in that other world by the others was made to be trauma intense. So my not knowing what they know, keeps me safe. They have healed. At least one knows everything but filters what I know. Just has taken awhile to accept it was what it was and it is what it is. I will live out my life never completely knowing my past. Someone sent me a link on Facebook...a petition for investigation into the CIA for child survivors of mind control and their continuation of the programs. The first investigation findings were sealed/classified! My life was classified, Brian. I have no idea what I did although I know a lot of what I was trained for. Unsettling but just moving forward now.

    2. seriously a crazy world we live in...and that you had to go through this...and that this world is one that lives under a cover of darkness most do not know...