Tuesday, September 24, 2013

dVerse: Fall from Grace

dVerse: OpenLinkNight ~ Fall

i fell for all the lies in life
i fell for all your truths
i didn't know that i'd been had
from the moment of my birth

i fell from grace
but not by choice
i stood as soon as i knew
and ran so fast the other way
your reach could not pursue

i fell into a world of love
and caring others' hands
and though it may have taken years
i finally can stand
without the strings
without the cues
without the secret codes
i fell into a cloud of fate
that has gently taken hold

and led me through the fire
to a place where i am now
i fell in love with my own life
far from the one you planned

i thank my lucky stars and guides
for freeing me from you
and letting me fall into a world
where innocence is true


  1. This is a write of personal empowerment, Maggie! It is so very important to love one's own life!

  2. To cut those strings and appreciate oneself... that's so important... and a world where innocence is true... couldn't be more important.

  3. very cool rhythm to this one....and you know, no matter what you went through you survived it...and you are still surviving it...to me that is the testiment....and falling in love with your own life...now there is the thing...smiles.

    1. Thanks, Brian. Liking my life now is a huge achievement. Just to feel the feelings I never knew were possible.

  4. beautifully written.

  5. You've pen these words so well and all the images of words are awesomely amazing. :)

  6. The poem of a survivor...

  7. We fight to live another day!. Personal strength shine through this work, Maggie! And each new dawning is more power to wield!. Nicely worded!

  8. it is good to reach that place of safety finally...feeling cared for...worth so much..

  9. To recapture one's innocence is possible! I remember leaving my first husband and realizing the sun shone brighter in our home... this is a tribute to a true survivor of emotional abuse, and Maggie, that woman is my sister in the struggle. GREAT. Amy

    1. Thank you, Amy. I do know you understand the depth to much of what I write. Hugs.

  10. Thank you to all for your wonderful comments and support. It means so much ♥

  11. thematically and structurally, a strong write, Maggie ~ M

  12. beautiful..coming into oneself; the insight and freedom to live one's own truth..powerful words

  13. Oh now this is wonderful. If it reflects a personal story, then I wish you all the very best.

  14. It is through the pains comes the discovery, the 'aha' moment so well described in your piece.
    Nicely done. Stay strong . . . the writing helps.