Monday, September 16, 2013

MWM: Santorini

Mornings With Mary

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I stayed on the island of Santorini, Greece in 1975 for a week. Most cruise ships stop for a few hours. Since I was staying with a friend in Crete for a month, I took a ferry to this amazing remote island. In Greece, churches are found on every peak and so many peaks on this island created from volcanic explosions. Pristine blue Mediterranean sea surrounds. The streets are steps as much as pathways. It has a most holy feel to it. The island feels blessed. Shrines to Mary are hidden in walls and coves and cover the cemeteries. Each gravestone has a shrine on top including items from the person's life. Very moving to see. The island has an airport now. Maybe one day I can show my husband.

Photo from Pinterest

this remote island
abounds with her holiness
takes my breath away


  1. even before I read your words, I knew this had to be Greece! the color blue is how I think of Greece. I have always wanted to visit there, but even if I had money enough now, I would be wary of such a trip.

    1. That's right...I forgot there is civil unrest there now. It was peaceful and friendly when I was there.

  2. oh that sounds like a cool place to visit...and looks nice too...i hope you do get to show him....

  3. Have a nice Monday, thank you for stopping by my blog

    Much love...

  4. Holiness if found both faraway and near...

  5. You paint a beautiful picture
    with your memories and word.
    I can see it. ♥♥

  6. dear maggie grace,
    thank you for your gift of luminous white and mary blue!
    thinking of you; sending love and healing.

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  8. Timeless place. Breathtaking.

  9. beautiful, beautiful - Greece is still on my list to visit - Holiness in sacred places are so so profound - maybe it is the juxtaposition of the unfamiliar. I see from your comment on Rebecca's site that you are not well - may good health find you soon.