Thursday, September 26, 2013

dVerse: Lords of the Rings

dVerse: Forbidden Topics

internet forces stand guard
to see which perps are targeting
the young and innocent.
they find that one
and put him in jail
for whatever the sentence is
for luring online

but for every perp online
thousands are connected
to the one
we see it each time
"a ring is brought down"
international pedophile ring
on the internet

guess what?
it's happening in real life
in large connected
sophisticated groups
where children
are born into families
of a pedophile
and become indoctrinated
into that world
before they can even
speak a word

the trauma to these children
causes their minds to shut down
create an amnesia barrier
to the abuse
so by the time they can speak
or go to day care
they have no idea they
have a reason
"to tell a safe adult"

and they are constantly
instilled with terror
if they do remember
and tell
and when the amnesia breaks
usually decades into life
it's too late for the
to do anything but
grieve and heal
if a therapist will treat them

pedophiles have meetings
with their prey
and create porn and make trades
and use their little assets
to hide drugs
and sometimes bombs
and exchange goods
and other nefarious deeds

this world is invisible
because it involves judges
and police
and attorney generals
not all...but enough
and coroners
and morticians
for the "accidents"

the children who most
need to be saved
are in their own homes
right now
this second
hoping to be rescued


  1. my heart, just broke a little more...for the truth of this...
    ugh. yep. we dont talk about that.
    and it happens.

    1. No, it's not :(( It's too much for most to think about.

  2. I have to admit I cannot understand how anyone could want to harm or abuse a child, it is something that has become completely unbearable to think about since I had children of my own.
    Strong rhythm throughout the poem - I would perhaps just take out a few of the 'and's, which weaken the structure. Although I can see why you might want to use them to show the piling on of horrors.

  3. Good writing; I may agree with the ands.
    Life is so over the top... some cultures see this as the norm also.
    At some point ... doesn't everyone have a choice, ie taught norms
    in society, relationships, or college, etc. Choice... Choose to 'be'?
    Someone better...

    1. Children whose minds have chosen the defense of amnesia (not a conscious choice) have no idea they are being abused. Their choices are not always free will. Until/unless the amnesia breaks, they may never know and always be victims. It's difficult for many to grasp this concept. Thank you for taking the time to read my writing.

  4. So sad. The truth of this is just tragic.

  5. Very frightening to think about what is happening behind the closed doors in some've nailed the fear well with your words.

  6. You've addressed such a sad topic in this. It's important to raise awareness and keep on the authorities who don't respond all the time to the signs of abuse.

  7. This scares me beyond anything... if the authorities can't be trusted,,, then it will never be solved.. but every now and then one of these people fall (and I have met them before the fall)... the scary thing is that before they seemed so nice and normal.

    1. "They" almost always do. High society...high positions in government...the nice neighbor. The normal world thought my father was so funny to be around. It's sickening.

  8. Thank you for this. For bringing this to the light. And in a way that needs to be shared, and widely. Bless you for tackling this!