Thursday, October 31, 2013

dVerse: Ya Know?

dVerse: Meeting the Bar ~ Wild Beasts

with shame and glee
OUT goes the porch light
no treats from this house
i'll be inside hiding from
the ghouls, ghosts, goblins,
wild things of the night
while the little ones are cute
always some adult
in scary clown mask
that makes me want to
grab him by the throat
and say 
pedophiles use these things
ya know?

no one knows us really
in our "hood"
so parents shouldn't allow
their kids to knock on our door
the days of razor blades
in apples
horrified me
drugged candy
who knows what is 
going into those bags
a dangerous night
unless everyone
knows everyone else

bring halloween indoors
i say
have children's parties
with the playmates
so the candy they collect
is as innocent as the
or i'm hoping they 
are not yet harmed


  1. you def have to be careful out there...there are def neighborhoods i will not be taking my kids to tonight....the ones indoors are a little safer...ones you now all the better...and i too hope they are not harmed.

  2. Marvelously done. and so true!

  3. And here I am giving away treats to the cuties ~ Have to be careful definitely ~

    Happy Halloween ~

  4. Well-put. :-)

  5. ugh - you surely have to be careful at which door to knock.. i would allow my kids only to go to those neighbors we know well

  6. Maggie Grace an excellent take on the day. >KB

  7. You are so on target with this, I'm right beside you on all points. Especially the clowns (shudder). Well done, and I'm so glad to see you joining us! :-)

  8. People haven't knocked on my door for 20 years since my kids were trick/treating. But last night they outstripped my 3 bag candy supply before 8 o'clock and more were coming. Had to shut off the lights and lock the doors. I guess the "charm" of the church autumn festival wore off. Even the tiny tots came as zombies! Loved the poem, captures every parent's concern.

  9. We're fortunate to live at the top of mountain so the kids all go to a school trunk or treat during the daytime. All the parents participate with the local fire and police to rent a bouncy house and have some games. This has worked very well here.

  10. When our kids were growing up, they were allowed to go only to friends' homes in our neighborhood. Then the grandkids went to family's homes &/or the local mall's stores.
    I love the verse you created.