Sunday, October 27, 2013

dVerse: Halloween á la Seuss

dVerse: The Lighter Side of Halloween

i do not like a vampire's teeth
i do not like the  zombies 'neath
the rising new apocalypse
my distance i will truly keep

i do not like things that scare
i would not do even on a dare
i do not like the haunted house
i'd rather be scared by a mouse

i do not like yuck body parts
even on CSI's shooting lot
i do not like things of horror
i keep the door closed
locked ten times over

from trick or treaters
i still hide
within the dark
safely inside

(I'm sorry but I won't be reading others' for fear of running into something ghoulish and triggering.)


  1. has a cadence much like dr seuss...i am not a huge fan of senseless violence which much of horror has degraded made good steps this season though...a pumpkin in the house...smiles.

  2. I love your Suessian take on things, and I understand :-) Thanks for joining in!

  3. Must be tough to hold this fear,
    especially this time of year.
    Guess just best to remember
    one week more and its November!
    We'll be past the spooky stuff.
    That's it for now, have said enough!

    1. lol...thank you for the time you took to respond and make me giggle ♥

  4. smiles... same over here... horror is def. not my genre... i rather hide as well and wait until the mood is a bit lighter again..smiles

  5. I forgive you. I, too, hide and pace and wait for it all to go away--except little kids cute with accompanying parents.

  6. It can spawn the most sinister true stories...but then they happen any time of the CSI connection ;)

    1. Thanks for being a frequent visitor here, katy. You are right. I'm a listener of CSI, NCIS, and most of Criminal Minds. Hubby also tells me when not to look up.