Tuesday, October 29, 2013

dVerse: iKnow

dVerse: OpenLinkNight

How to Capture a Poem

Photo Source

beautiful country scene
outside the car window
as we're zooming by
a glimpse of purple flowers
dots the hillside
iMust capture this vision
in a haiku
grab my iPhone 
go to Notes APP
& tap out a few words
as the moving car
will allow
& eyes will allow
before iSickness
sets in
my mind will forget
a voice memo

from years of writing poetry
iKnow i just need the
first few words
& the rest will flow
besides, who has
a pen & paper handy
these days?


  1. Oh the iSickness catch me too.. your were on a roll with these lines Maggie... cool

  2. iSickness...haha..i like...and true... the first words are often those that open the stream so that the rest can flow... be careful with writing in the car though... and i really mean it... i've seen really bad accidents because of phone use while driving... ugh..

  3. smiles...i dont usually get it, unless we are driving through the mountains...if i am driving i am fine....if i am the passenger, i cont do it....and def if i can just get a brief note it will flow when its time comes...

  4. I always have pen and paper. Though I do not have a smart phone or twitter so I must carry them. >KB

  5. I agree with you. If you just start with a few words, the rest will follow. (I don't usually carry a pen and paper around either!)

  6. The flow of your words are amazing! and beautiful written.

    I love this poem a lot. :)

  7. Oh, I pine for the Poet's Notebook, fat with phrases, ideas and scattered verses..........

  8. The camera is the new pen for me. I 'm always pulled by purple.

  9. Very nice. I certainly relate. :-)

  10. a few do, but I use my phone too ~

  11. Pen and paper, one is wet and one is dead. Well done, like the iWorld references!

  12. love the i-References; i-Sickness is something a lot of us are beginningto suffer from - Apple is everywhere.

    I still use paper and pencil to jot notes - when I've remembered to pick them up ... smles

  13. always a pen and pad, even in bed..but driving is so hard to catch..how about the recorder on the phone next time..hate it when the words are there and I do not capture them all right then..yes..could you not text them to yourself or use the notes function? or not fast enough

    1. It doesn't come thru my writing, but I was the passenger catching haiku in the car. If I'm driving, I try to hold onto the thought till I can jot it down. Mostly my short term memory is nonexistent though. My galaxy of lost haiku ;-O Thanks for stopping by!