Thursday, October 10, 2013

dVerse: Friend in Oz

dVerse: To Friends

our souls must have met
on another plane
or in another life
that our hearts 
have reached across oceans
and entwined

we have hugged
and held each other
in times of sorrow
jumped up and down
when struck by glee

my visit to Montemarte
my first outing in Paris
was because of you
i loved knowing 
you had walked there
before me

we used to talk daily
through facebook
now rarely
but our closeness
never recedes
you have touched my life
part of me is always with you
sight unseen



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Laurie. That's how I feel about her.

  2. smiles...we can inspire each other on into things...visiting places...making little alterations in each others we touch...

  3. we always carry a part of those we truly love within us. Maybe that's the power of love, nicely said.

  4. very loving! esp the last lines. part of me is with you

  5. Closeness never recedes, regardless of distance or infrequency of contact. Beautifully expressed.

  6. A lovely share MG ~ A part of us is always twined with the journeys we have shared with others~

  7. oh so true... i cannot tell how much i've been inspired (and challenged sometimes..smiles) by people i met in the blogosphere... and that's so very cool... very cool with your paris story as well..smiles

  8. nice to hear.. and being led through the streets of Montmartre by a cyberfriend .. really cool..

  9. A beautiful reflection of the deep friendships we make in this community of poets. Lovely.

  10. How lovely. I am glad that you were so close.

  11. "i loved knowing
    you had walked there
    before me"

    Whether it is someone from history, long ago, or someone alive today... this is SO true! Lovely, thank-filled poem.