Saturday, October 12, 2013

dVerse: Under the Tuscan Nunnery

dVerse: Poetics ~ Viva Italia

Photo by Grace Beam

our "cottage" was a nunnery
the whole nunnery and outbuildings
in the heart of tuscany
my self-taught italian
had gotten us from milan
to cinque terre to my dream

a tiny town ~ mercatale
a grocery store for chef brian
our stone "cottage" slightly chilled
we snuggle around a fire
in may

i wake up to eggs sizzling
prosciutto frying
toast and tea
the chef at work in the
tiny kitchenette

the nunnery is dark
having closed the shutters at night
opening the shutters that first morning
is the photo above
seared into my mind

the peace
the calm
bees buzzing
poppies in bloom
it is safe
it is a feeling of home
never known before

a piece of tuscany
lodged in my heart and soul
to tap into every day
what memories should be





  1. This is just beautiful. I am glad that you do not explain the mystery of why you are in Tuscany -- one feels that you've gone there for refuge, and the refuge is clearly available--so cool. Thanks for participating. K.

  2. wow that would be a great memory to tap into as often as needed...sounds serene...sanctuary even...def what memories should be...smiles.

  3. Oh I looked forward to some great imagery from Tuscany (you have hinted that before).. and waking up at such a place is a memory to keep...

  4. oh wow...that sounds like a beautiful time... italy has that special spell... i was in tuscany about 2 years ago for a saxophone workshop...up on a hill amidst vine and olives... and so fell in love with the place, the food, the people..

    1. Saxophone workshop. You have one interesting life, Ms. Claudia ♥

  5. What a lovely memory & picture of that place ~ You brought me right there with scent & blooms of the cottage ~

  6. Such a beautiful piece... a visual through your experiences. Beautifully written... such memories are precious.

  7. awh, cinque terre... i think a piece of my heart still resides there... thank you for taking me back. simply wonderful.

    1. Miriam, it was a toss up to write about Tuscany or Cinque. We extended our stay in Cinque for two days because we loved it so much which took away from some of the Tuscany experience. Both beautiful in different ways.

  8. I love those windows that swing out! And that someone else is cooking. And that we must build our own heat! I still warm myself by the memory, though mine was in Umbria. I have to visit Tuscany.

  9. A feast for the senses and romantically done in a way I really enjoyed! Love how your closed, that was an amazing closing stanza.