Thursday, October 17, 2013

dVerse: The Cold War Never Chilled

dVerse: Beat Poetry

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the cold war mind fuck
still in play 50 years later
the military industrial complex
still calling the shots
killing the whistleblowers
making the money machine
launder at warp speed
not with just weapons
but with drugs
and minds
and bodies
all for a cost
while those who know better
turn a blind eye
for a share of the cache

when the children
grow too old for kiddie porn
there is slavery now
or program their minds
to carry an M-16 into the
middle of anywhere
shoot all possible targets
before shooting self

those who survive slavery
left broken and lost
with no way "back home"
we must pay for our own therapy
if we want to heal
we must survive our healing
to live
grasping at what?
what is there to hold onto
that makes us want to 
crawl on our bellies
through the healing process
to even have a life again

when is it "their" time to
scrape their bare bellies
on the jagged concrete
to pay for their greed
and human compensation
the cold war mind fuck
is now



  1. Maggie... I never knew you were a beat poet.. this is so well written so good... the start with citing Ike himself when he left his presidency actually telling the world everything... and the world choose to shut their ears and still do.. and then all human/children left as victims to care for themselves...

    1. Thank you, Bjorn! Easy for me to tap into the rage but gets me all worked up. Time for the singing bowl.

  2. oh dang maggie...this is a tough to read and emotional piece...brings me to tears to think what terrible things are going on and the main factor that drives it is greed... and we def. need people who stand up and write about it and try to change things

    1. Was watching something on tv referring to the military industrial complex which was a big part of my no-longer-secret world...that it is still very much in play. It was my understanding that this very black ops place was out of control of the president...or out of the president's knowledge to control. Possibly still the case and just very very sad and enraging. Sorry to bring you to tears. Hugs.

  3. whew...intense and honest let go...nice...and the machine will eat you alive for sure...kiddie porn to slavery...slavery is def not dead....what makes us want to crawl on our beliies through the healing process...honest...i am glad you escaped...

  4. Deep, intense, raw, angry. Loved it.

  5. Maggie, this was truly a raw blast of feelings and thoughts. It hit like a fist to the chest. >KB

  6. I love the strength of your writing here, Maggie!! I FEEL your piece.

  7. Accurate and awesome. Your poem so RIGHT ON! They weren't lying when we were told about the tri-lateral commission; though we never comprehended at the destruction to the population and the planet. You didn't waste a word! The Beats would be proud of this.

  8. Wherever you turn it's the greed, corruption and what has changed so many people in dire circumstances...powerful words here!

  9. Excellent raw write and as to when is the time for all those who gain financially and promote war to crawl on their bellies - the time is now.
    But it won't happen...
    Anna :o]

  10. Yes, they certainly got us stitched up.

  11. It gets me worked up too! I like your spirit ...and they way you used the beat poetry form so well!

  12. tough! and voices hard. lovely beat! takes on well!

  13. Maggie this is a wow and i love it