Tuesday, October 22, 2013

CD: The David

Carpe Diem ~ Notable Statue

The actual prompt is statue of Zeus at Olympia. My mind immediately went to another famous statue and that's the topic of my haiku.

Photo Source

florence's "david"
stunning detail sprung from stone
the veins in his hand 


  1. the sculptures are pretty amazing in the detail that they can capture...esp when you consider it was a piece of stone....

  2. Thanks for helping me to see this sculpture in a new light!

  3. WOW! Maggie ... this is a stunning haiku. An extra ordinary take on Zeus' Statue. I like this ...

  4. this attention to small details carries over in old buildings, too..not so much today...I have seen David, and was astounded by this very fact..

  5. Stunning details... statue is a great prompt in itself ... that picture works so well with the rest

  6. I love the haiku, and I love that you felt free to go where you were inspired.