Thursday, October 3, 2013

dVerse: Spinal Tap

dVerse: Form for All ~ Spine Poetry

(I used spines from DVDs since all my books are psychology books 
from when I was a therapist.)

through the eyes of a child
sliding doors
mad men
notes from the universe
the great escape

(My insane life before waking up from amnesia to escape.)

and on a happier note:

 the pursuit of happyness
love actually
music and lyrics
being there

(able to be present now for what makes me happy)



  1. woot...glad you escaped those mad men....

    love actually is the best movie too!
    i like your paraphrase of the last as well...
    makes me smile

  2. actually and music and lyrics... i like much... almost a song you know... the notes from the universe are cool as well

  3. I considered using dvds too.. and neglected my books in physics.. so good to escape from the mad men and go on to love actually.. great two stanzas

  4. I am a movie buff, director of the Tacoma Movie Club, ex-actor, so really proud of you going with DVD spines; wish I'd thought of that. I have 1400 sq. ft. of basement full of movies; over 30,000 at last count.

  5. Oh, very powerful first poem. Love your use of films in the second. I love movies too.

  6. Excellent poem. Clever use of titles to tell a complete story! Wow.

  7. A clever use of the DVD titles! I never thought of that. Great twist on the form, and a very powerful pair of poems.

  8. What a good idea to use the discs. There feel is just slightly more poetic, or musical anyway.

  9. Great titles. I loved Love Actually.

    1. My husband has great movie line memory and can almost recite Love Actually beginning to end. It's our Christmas time movie. I love the line "You mean there was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?" Hope I got that right. Was my memory. lol

  10. This is so fun reading all these the pursuit of happiness..

  11. I thought about using movie or song titles as well--nice work here!

  12. Love Actually one of my favs. Excellent reading here.

  13. I have all of these too. Good poem!

  14. I really liked your poem, Maggie; and being PRESENT now is a real gift to you (and to the poetry community as well).

  15. Fun to read and now I want to watch movies and rearrange titles!
    Beautifully arranged

  16. Taking spine poetry and adding a twist - or making the most of what was to hand; either way, it worked really well, resulting in 2 fine poems.

    So glad you now have time and energy to do the things you want to do.

  17. Who said the spines had to be books only? Very clever. These are wonderful. Thank you.

  18. Great twist on the spine concept! One good thing about using DVDs instead of books is that the spines usually have -only- titles, and those are centred left-to-right, so that it's easier to build up the clusters (rather than wrestling with author names and different ways of arranging the actual title). While the second poem is definitely happier, I'm drawn by the subtle undertones of the first, obviously with a resonance that's still strongly felt.

  19. smart and spot-on, MG ~ M