Saturday, October 19, 2013

dVerse: Escape into Poetry

dVerse: Poetics ~ Mind of a Child

who knew a child could
crawl inside an encyclopedia
of poetry
to escape the world

from the time i could read
i'd go to the three volumes
the red books
filled with words
that made me smile

as early as kindergarten
i found solace in
mother goose
and illustrations
and writing down a poem
matched with a picture
from a magazine
my extra credit
because i was a brown noser
since first grade

my favorite activity outside
was swinging as high as i could
that to this day
sitting in an airplane
taking off
my mind recites
"how i love to go up in the air,
up in the air so blue"
and i smile


  1. me too, always escaping into the world of poetry and books as soon as I learned to read - seemed such a much better, more desirable world

    love this poem

  2. Childhood memories are both a boon and a plague sometimes. >KB

  3. Oh... that is so sweet and nostalgic. A lovely write. :-)

  4. And I smile with you. Those of us who were exposed to poetry at an early age were so lucky.

  5. Ever so sweet, Maggie.
    I shall have to google 'brown noser' :-)

    1. lol, aprille. am sure it's a yucky definition. i was always working on being teacher's pet.

  6. Cherished memories. Sounds like we could have been friends.

  7. Keep that memory close and the smile closer!

  8. Ah. my childhood poetry came from Swedish poetry... but I still remember some of them by heart..

  9. happens seldom that i'm passing a swing and not swing a bit on it as well... and books were a refuge for me in my childhood...a place to dream....nice..

  10. books were def an escape for me...not poetry...that came much later in life...i was either in a book...or in the woods....

  11. Loved this...I can easily relate. Delightful

  12. I was definitely an escape artist as a child. I felt alive when I was immersed in a story. This poem was poignant and a lovely snapshot of your childhood. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Hope you don't mind my saying so, Maggie, but I'd take out the "sad" in verse three as this poem was very delightful and upbeat...lovely write from the heart!

  14. Wow I love this...reminds me of my daughter she used to say push me so high mummy so I can see Jesus... thank you for that I always smile when I think on that!

  15. We have all brought out our inner child at this delightful prompt. Swinging high into the blue sky - how many of us have done this. Brown noser or not- your love for writing shines through Maggie.

  16. You certainly found your inner child. this is lovely:)

  17. I had forgotten that old rhyme and it was a pleasure to be reminded of it. Books have been my escape and salvation too, Maggie. Since I was five I have gone to the library and brought home an armload of books every week. That is a lot of books. I make my local librarians tired these days as am in such haste to read all I can while I still have hands and eyes!!!! hee hee. Loved this poem.

    1. Your comment reminds me...vague memory of a thirst to read. Always drawn to non-fiction though. Hated having to read "the classics". Now eyes can't make it too long for anything. I play games with BIG icons... Thank you for liking my writing!

  18. Pure escapism, that's what it's all about, lovely piece.