Friday, November 1, 2013

dVerse: Life Changing

dVerse: Poetics

Photo by Legin's Havanese

i've known of the puppies
since the day they were born
i chose my favorite from
the weaning line up
the fawn colored one
before i knew having her
was even possible

now ten weeks later
the golden fluffball is mine
ready to bring her home
in three days
my life will change
our home life will change

i'm in love with this puppy
since first glimpse
cinched with first touch
and her first kiss on my face
all awaits her arrival

my five years of non-movement
are about to change
just preparing has me moving more
relishing when she will play
with her new toys
and snuggle with me
on the sofa

i'm so attached to my computer
and that will change drastically
will miss my writing
but will have more living
more to be inspired to write
when that time is available

today i had an invitation to join
january's mindful stone writing month
that's what got me back to writing
last year
the blog...this blog...i started
for my stones
has been my sanctuary

thank you to all who have visited
become my cyber support and friends
i will join when i can 
know you have all touched me
in a deep and wonderful way
the way the world should
treat each other
am honored to be part of this beautiful
online writing community

Photo by Legin's Havanese


  1. Congratulations on your new addition. A puppy! How fun! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. You will be missed but I am delighted to see it's for a wonderful reason. I have a feeling she will give you more to write about than you realize now. Just sayin'. xxxoo.

    1. Thanks, Lolly! Yes, will definitely be lots of sweet moments to capture.

  2. smiles...and we are blessed to have you when we do...go chase that living though as that is def inspiration for when you have the time....smiles...awww....what a lovely little one too...smiles.

  3. Enjoy the new addition and change is good. We'll still be here when you have the time. This sounds like it will be good. Blessings.

  4. I have three dogs all picked as pups, I know the feeling. And life will most certainly change. >KB

  5. That is great. A puppy would make a good companion. Beautifully written. :-)

  6. smiles... you know you will have a lot to write about once that little new fam member moved in...smiles

  7. There is NOTHING more wonderful than a puppy. She is a beauty. Yes, you are embarking on a true love affair. I look forward to the poems you will write about her, and hopefully the photos you will post. Enjoy every delicious moment, those first months go way too fast!

  8. What a wonderful reason to be absent... :) And such a sweetheart! Enjoy every moment!

  9. Good for you - I bet after you begin walking with the dog, your creative juices will flow and you'll be looking to a little time to get back to writing. Congrats on your new addition!

  10. we'll look forward to less frequent dispatches from the more real world

  11. OH so beautiful. Marvelously written. And FANTASTIC :) You Go!

  12. Awww! Very nice. Yeah, having a pet, especially a puppy, changes everything! So cute! :-)

  13. Congratulations, Maggie Grace - what a little cutie!

  14. Wonderful for you - a puppy - hope you have time to write a little ;-)

  15. Best of life to you! ~peace, Jason

  16. The puppy looks really cute .... have a great time :-)

  17. Sweet puppy, and I'm so pleased for you. More into the living!