Wednesday, January 29, 2014

dVerse: Most Likely

dVerse: OpenLinkNight

most likely to succeed
i cringe each time i think of it
class speaker
honors graduate
no scholarships
because i wanted only 
to join the service
one half inch too small
for the army
tossed out into the work world

two years later enlisted 
in air force
somehow cheating the one half inch
russian language school
later to be used to spy
on russian pilots
by eavesdropping from NSA
but i rebelled at that secret
of the job
thought i was to be an interpreter
out early on post-vietnam release

failed marriages
never reaching my career goals
not knowing a puppetmaster
directed me wherever i went
had what i thought was a good career
it was enough and i was happy
then all began to unravel
outside and inside

amnesia began to fail
and falling apart at work
sent up all kinds of flairs
since a puppetmaster was
a VP at work
terror and trying to hold it together
as long as i could
finally separated from work world
a world that had always been guided
against my knowledge and will

felt redeemed as a therapist
but that fell apart with my body
most likely to succeed
such an inadequate feeling


  1. Life doesn't always go as planned and things feel like they're falling apart quite often... I'm early in my adulthood and just really trying to get out there; already my new fav word is STRESS... ugh... anywho I like how you brought it home with the
    most likely to succeed again... all around nice write

  2. expectations like being most likely to succeed can be sucha hard thing..something we spend our lives trying to live up to....and we can get the whole definition of success confused as well and set it so lofty we miss some of the great things that we really accomplish...

  3. i think the real important things in life cannot be measured in career steps though i really think it sounds cool what you did... getting whole is more important though...

  4. most likely to succeed
    such an inadequate feeling

    ...strong words. Your life's journey is your story and to be able to tell it with clarity is a success in my opinion...felt.

  5. Ambitions is so often paving the ways to failure...and failure is only measured by the worst judge - oneself .. To come to insight is what's count. Bless you .

  6. this poem is not a failure, it's beautiful. We only fail when we stop trying.

  7. Expectations are a hard thing to live up to, nice capture.