Saturday, January 18, 2014

dVerse: Humanity of Trees

dVerse: Poetics ~ Trees

Muir Woods

the magnetic energy of a tree
is the same as a human
hugging trees isn't just an expression
it's good for the soul

i've lived in awe of trees
regardless of memory
life from both sides of amnesia
the redwoods once seen in Muir Woods
to the pines of Sedona

home for wildlife
protection from the elements
for all beings
wisdom to be shared
for those who dare listen

ageless wisdom
until someone willingly
hacks it off revealing its rings
the secrets one should never see
it bleeds not
but my heart does
when a tree has been taken

maybe trees have a soul
that takes up residence in a sapling
when an elder is murdered
or mother nature sacrifices
a chosen one
i prefer to believe their wisdom
lives on forever

with outstretched limbs
calling all to its energy
for comfort and shelter
shade and breeze
the heart of earth
beats within each

if a tree falls in the forest
the others gently and lovingly
bury it in their shedding leaves
grieving and creating
new life


  1. i like the thought that the soul of a tree is passed on to a sapling...i think there is much we can learn of trees...that last stanza is a beautiful thing...smiles.

  2. Maggie, this poem is balm for my soul. They call fallen trees "nurse logs", as you probably know, because so much life grows from the fallen trunks..........I love the idea that trees have a soul. For sure, they have energy and wisdom. This is really beautiful. I think it is my pick of the day! Bless you for loving trees!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Sherry! I didn't know fallen trees were called nurse logs. You made my day :))

  3. I love this... and it made my early morning... I think I need a walk later today into the wintry woods... To the discussion above .. also trees that dies standing up are important for the wood.. they become homes for many rare birds.. Most of the woods here in Sweden are no longer forests but fields of trees...

  4. i like the idea of the heart of earth beating in each of them and also how the other trees shade the fallen ones...there's just so much beauty and majesty in a heart bleeds when they cut them down

  5. Beautiful thoughts, dear Maggie. The passing of a tree's wisdom that which is retained forever and the beating of the heart of the earth in each of them are some wonderful anecdotes. I especially liked the ending of the burial of a fallen tree... such a powerful image.
    Hope you are doing good.

  6. Lovely and creative with some wonderful ideas about our connection with trees.

  7. Big nature lover too, I love looking at trees in the winter when their leaves are shed. The limbs and branches have such character. I love this poem.

  8. I adore nature and your poem is beautiful. The last stanza so touching. Love this poem!

  9. Oh, I love that final stanza. Wonderful. Thank you.

  10. Trees are so majestic and I just love the idea of them burying one another!

  11. You have to be there sometimes and your words made it possible.

  12. I do so love trees - and your final stanza - what a beautiful thought.
    Anna :o]

  13. It's wonderful to read of the affinity everybody has for trees. I do think it is arrogant of human beings to think they're the only one's with soul or spirit. The one's that do admit to spirit wouldn't have a problem with realising the spirit in trees.

  14. do like how you captured the wisdom at your young age... nice write

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment about my write and my age though must confess to being 61.