Saturday, December 14, 2013

dVerse: Light of My Life

dVerse: Poetics ~ Candles & Lights

in youth the menorah
was special
great grandmother with lace
on her head
said the hebrew prayer
moving her hands so gracefully
grandmother's house felt safe
both are gone now
and i pray for no trauma connections

shamed if we asked 
for christmas lights
but chanukah never carried out
to be special at home
wherever home was
that year

a few trees with lights
and glitter
in adult life
but it never felt special
i gave up trying
and found it happier
avoiding any ceremony

withdrawn from religion
as soon as i had choice
even in marriages
christmas felt sad
during 12-year courtship
with current husband
we had lovely bear tree
several years
but my heart still felt
heavy even with the loveliness 
and we stopped

full understanding now
of no connection or avoidance
of christmas
and loving the season spirit
this year though no lights 
or fuss with puppy
but the light in our eyes
and in our hearts
the play of the moon
on the snow-blanketed earth
is christmas and beauty enough


  1. Maggie Grace, this is a very beautiful poetic journey that I made with you. I so love the fullness of heart now, when "earth is christmas and beauty enough". Yes, it is. Lovely, lovely work.

  2. we each have to find our own christmas, you know...if the symbols mean nothing, no big deal...if we can still find the peace and joy of the season...thanks for the look in on the season for you and the journey you have taken to get here....

  3. Well said Maggie Grace. >KB

  4. maybe that is just where the light begins

  5. Great ending... I'm so glad you saw the light...

  6. he play of the moon
    on the snow-blanketed earth
    is Christmas and beauty enough

    Very true Maggie! It's more than what one can hope for. It's everything that brings the feel of festivities to the fore. Merry Christmas!


  7. Fantastic !!!!

  8. All in all, that is the essence of the season...which ought to be practice throughout our lives...very nice write about your journey in regard to light !

  9. smiles...i think the play of the moon
    on the snow-blanketed earth outshines even the most impressive christmas tree...smiles... glad you can enjoy christmas this year maggie...happy holidays to you, hubs and puppy...

  10. Love to play with the moon.. you go and enjoy the Christmas lights and have a wonderful festive time.

  11. You echo hope and content. thank you! Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

  12. I agree. What is in one's heart is Christmas enough. That's the way it is at our home now.