Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas 2013

my nightmares of christmas
now in the land of severed memories
the vision of my unknown life
put upon a mental shelf
though validation is nice
in a painful sort of way

this december of christmas movies,
joy of lights, music, and puppy
very different and welcome
yet overwhelmed with
fatigue and thoughts of 
adding tissue to gift bags
just let me sleep

a quiet holiday
for mind and body
the greatest gift
a first time peace and calm
unafraid of opening gifts
that contain body parts
the selves who knew 
safely tucked within the whole

the life that was
no longer the priority
lingering thoughts 
within acceptable limits
your laughter the
sound of the season 


  1. i hope you get that quiet holiday and can slip beyond the chaos and just enjoy the beauty of the moment...and when laughter is the song of the season...that is a good thing...smiles.

    1. Thank you, Brian. After writing this I read it to my Brian and expressed my wish to just stay home tomorrow night and Christmas. He's a wonderful Brian too. Feel so relieved. Needed sadness to come out and feel no obligations. Am okay with the sadness...just noticing it is there in full force. Merry Christmas, my new friend.

  2. smiles... thought i'd stop by and see how you're doing.. and sounds like you're in for a blessed and peaceful christmas... enjoy the celebration...smiles

    1. ♥ Am blessed to have found you this year. Wishing you peace this season as well.