Saturday, December 7, 2013

dVerse: She Shatters Self

dVerse: Poetics ~ Alice

Alice falls into a hole
and several of her land
one too small
one too tall
true blue pinafore...just right

one way through the looking glass 
i say she shatters self
and off she goes
several ways at once
in search of "this way out"

along the way she meets
a scattered hare too late
a cat with hookah high on quips
a knight in full daylight

joined at tea by hedgehogs
and other hedgerow critters
comes the odd Mad Hatter
of all the ones in wonderland
he's the one who seems to matter

though he might be mad
he leads her back
through the looking glass
where one cannot truly see
back home she finds herself
but does she have the

(This doesn't flow well and my brain just isn't working. My main thought was that Alice split when she landed but returned home whole again...similar to my path in life.)


  1. You know, it is kind of like The Wizard of Oz that way (finding herself in order to go home). Thanks, well put!

  2. anja wrote on the memories of neverland as well...i wonder does she miss the fantastic adventures or is she happy to be home...i think i might miss all the zaniness a bit...smiles.

  3. Rather an interesting take. I like where it leads.

  4. I read your poem and immediately my mind went to apiece I wrote some time ago and I shall share with you:

    Lovely poem by the way and I thought it worked well

  5. It can be a lesson in survival in a garden full of ups and downs in hopes despite changes in the person's size. Alice held on her own! Nicely Maggie!


  6. i wonder if she would ever forgot... maybe not remembering consciously but the lessons she learned while meeting all the people...key point for me here...smiles

  7. This is a little bit like the childhood dreams we can have.. that work in our subconscious and surface when it's most needed or most feared. Like your thought here, and I think you can work this into an excellent poem... I found it good, but if you are not truly glad yourself.. bring it in again for another try..

    1. Yes, feels choppy...not fluid. Concentration so off. Maybe can come back after I've forgotten (by and have another go. Thanks, Bjorn.

  8. Good insight...there is so much to be said about are headed in the right direction the line 'knight in full daylight" ;0

  9. Alice confuses me. I guess I am just not abstract-minded. Keeps my mind active though! :)

  10. Liked ready here. I hope she gets to keep some of the good memories.
    Who knows...for sure it was kind of left untold. Thank you for fun.

  11. Alice is great for faceted thinking =)
    For dreams that feel real and lives that feel surreal =).