Tuesday, December 3, 2013

dVerse: Bumps in the Road

dVerse ~ OpenLinkNight

my world changing
zap by zap
opening up new avenues of joy
a christmas spirit to embrace
instead of repel
mind relaxing
body having issues
joints swollen for a week
but should subside soon
(due to a new medication)

hobbling along
is not how i want to be
moving more with puppy
is supposed to be healthy
not hurt so much
feel like i'm being bitchy
when i point out the problems
"my puppy" means my job mostly
and don't want husband
to be disappointed

disability equals feelings of guilt
for finance contributions
struggling right now but didn't know it
found out by accident
married less than a year
must maneuver the issues
in a healthy way
laughter, love, and puppy
pave the path we mostly traverse
the bumps in the road
my achillles heel


  1. We all have an achilles heel … yet you seem to be carrying your fair share!

  2. ah those bumps in the road will come... and it can be tough to walk that road without stumbling then... the awareness is a first good point...the yes to dealing with them in a healthy way... so i'm sure you will manage...smiles

  3. those bumps happen you know...our first year was the toughest...and i know when you feel like a burden at times too...i kow i felt it when i was out of work...hang tough though...and i bet pups makes you feel a bit young as well...smiles.

  4. Bumps in road is part of life.. but sometimes the bumps seem a little unfair.. but the joy of a puppy must be so comforting... thankful for you.. hope the meds soon start to do a proper job..

  5. There are times where one would have to take it! But at the end of the day one just laughs it off I would think! Nicely Maggie!


  6. I can feel your pain and when it comes to controlling it and or living with it on a daily basis I have to hand it to you. Attitude can not eliminate it so you must deal with it head on...if it's MS or another chronic illness, I salute you ;)

  7. Oh, Maggie Grace. This is so tough - you've painted your issues so well, and also your frustrations, but not once have you not taken ownership of your issues. You're just amazing, Gorgeous. One of the strongest people I've ever 'met'. You inspire me, and so many others. I wish you easy release from your pains. x.V.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. A defiance. Step by step. I like that.

  9. Sure I know.... I have faced a lot of bumps.... Now only we are getting through....... Well said