Tuesday, December 10, 2013

dVerse: Chew Toy

dVerse: OpenLinkNight

of all the things
i've ever been
known and unknown
the one thing i hadn't been
was a chew toy
yet that's what i've become
to our new puppy

advice abounds
about how to stop
puppy biting
brace the neck
tweak the nose
hold finger under her tongue

regardless of technique
as soon as i release my hold
she lunges at me
sometimes i'm a sheep
to be herded
and i have the bruises
on my calves to prove it

friday comes the dog trainer
to train me
to be alpha dog
my energy is off
nothing i do works
am hoping this
dog whisperer can help

my birthday christmas puppy
makes me laugh every day
and is a wonderful joy when sleepy
her tazmanian devil side
when she zips around in circles
at the speed of light
is fun until she lunges

all i want for christmas
is for my puppy to understand
"no bite"
and continue to be her sweet
sassy feisty self
preferring toys instead of
my flesh and blood

Photo by Brian Beam


  1. ha. i hope the trainer helps you out...puppies def can do that...and i am sure they can give you some tips...ha...they can be so fun as well...and def a joy...i hope you get your christmas wish...

  2. I went through a bit of that when my Faith was teething -- stopped as quickly as it began

  3. Give her time--and wear long pants for a whiile!

  4. It can be a bother initially. But it can be just as enjoyable if the puppy can be 'persuaded' to be gentle. It may just work! Nicely Maggie!


  5. How you tricked me with this poem: it started all grave and then... it became boisterous, irrepressible, funny, delightful - much like a puppy, in fact!

  6. Oh I'm sure the puppy will get over it... and puppy will learn... great insight into the struggles..

  7. A super cute puppy-- and what a fun poem to go along! ~peace, Jason

  8. my goodness… a dear friend of mine went through this with her dog when she (the dog) was a pup years ago… she is a very sweet dog now, training both human mamma and pup was hard work but well worth it. good luck!