Saturday, November 30, 2013

dVerse: Rose Toes

dVerse: Poetics ~ Rose Toes



Photo by Grace Beam

no shoes is my preferred foot wear
with rose colored toes
a pedi from my favorite spa
the polish shade found in 2008
though a different rose shade
adorned my toes in Italy 2005

2007 led to numerous surgeries
but I never entered the OR without
my pretty toes
it became a kind of good luck charm
and something to cheer me up
poking out of hospital sheets

married with pretty toes last year
followed by a honeymoon to France 
a few months later
with a new pedi

the pedis stop when too cold for sandals
but still am barefoot indoors
bare feet go into my boots
after a polish-free season
my toes were painted
for my sojourn to Sedona in March

my feet might not be made for walking
but i want them to be pretty
rose toes go with me 
to all places important 
my personal tradition
sole to soul ~ my happy feet


  1. I love barefoot too - but no painted toes for me - love the thought of the pedi being the good-luck charm...

  2. This is funny and sweet.
    I envy you your litheness: I can never reach my toes with a brush in one hand :-)

  3. smiles... there are just times when i need red toe nails as well.... and even in winter when no one can see them... it just feels like a piece of luxury and a bit magical as well... smiles... very cool personal tradtition....

  4. smiles....once i am in the house i am barefoot....freeing my pigs...ha...i dont paint my nails though..haha...def adds a nice bit of art to have your nails painted...

  5. Love it how you end the poem - beautiful.

  6. I love bare feet as the un-shoes" of choice. And the cheerfulness of painted toes at the end of hospital sheets. Those toes have seen a lot of places, however challenging the walking.

  7. Love your happy bare feet and colored toe nails! I'm a barefoot fan too! Hardly ever put on shoes unless I have to! Thanks so much for joining in.