Wednesday, November 6, 2013

dVerse: Daylight Puppy Time

dVerse: OpenLinkNight

bleary eyed & achy bones
matters not
when bounding puppy
greets me early a.m.
ready to play.
second night
husband takes the 3:30 a.m. shift
i relieve him at 7
fix myself tripl3 espresso
watch Today Show
(flashback to 2007)
a floor chair saves my back
while playing on her level.
she won't sleep unless
next to one of us
tho she loves her playpen...
just not with the doors closed.
my body hasn't moved so much
the past year
as it has the past two days.
her licking my face
and snuggling on my lap...
the best bandaid in the world

First nap (with toys) - Photo by Grace Beam


  1. ha. its like having kids...its work...but when they are all wide eyed and ready to go in the morning and just want to be with can you resist...smiles.

  2. What a cute little creature.. and you just have to spend all time with her.. and love is totally mutual

  3. what an adorable pup! I'm see-sawing back and forth as to whether I dare have another pup, with two cats. your darling may be tipping it more toward getting a pup...hmmm