Tuesday, November 12, 2013

dVerse: Ch..ch..ch..ch...ch...changes

dVerse: Open Link Night

in the blink of an eye
my world has changed
puppy chaos and laughter
scattered brain syndrome
which may be from lack of sleep
or ongoing neurofeedback

internal changes continue
anxiety decreasing
joy increasing
health is good
except for aches and pains
some go with age
some with not moving
after many surgeries
six years ago

puppy got me moving
surprising myself
getting through each day
watched a scary movie
by myself
and wasn't scared
a miracle i wanted to watch

all is changing
no time and/or focus for writing
neurofeedback messing with
brain connections
in a good way
missing haiku and twitter
embracing real life fur baby


  1. So very true, Maggie! A puppy takes a lot of time, but brings with it a lot of love!! Enjoy.

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  3. Dogs are wonderful people no matter what age. They teach that we are good enough to be loved unconditionally no matter what. I have three and they make me a better person everyday I'm with them. >KB

  4. smiles...i could have told you that your joy would be increasing...smiles...puppies def have that power....glad all is going in a good way...

  5. puppies can sure get us moving indeed, change can be good

  6. I'm so happy for you Maggie... Puppie seems bringing you back...

  7. Pets are the best therapy, and being well the most important thing. Wishing you well.

  8. Love furkids! So glad to see such joy in your poetry!

  9. Pets are the best...a puppy brings youth and a whole lot of focus on things other than what we like to do...you penned that well...enjoyed much...bkm

  10. Oh gosh your new puppy is sooooooooooooo cute! That bone is bigger than she is!