Sunday, November 24, 2013

dVerse: Daytimers to Timeless

dVerse: Poetics ~ Calendar

growing up oblivious to time
pushed along in childhood by
school bells going from class to class
later to break times at work with
time either flying by to my astonishment
or moving agonizingly slow

as a therapist for almost four years
my life driven by my hourly daytimer
name and arrows
reminding myself before and after
each appointment of what was to come
often having to glance to
remember new names

now "retired" i regress
oblivious to day and time
wednesday feels like saturday
phone alarms remind me of life
outside my home
puppy licks tell me when to get up
and eyelids tell me of bedtime

happy to be without a daytimer
and go with the flow of the day
or the needs of my bouncing puppy
trying to figure out how to find time
to write


  1. smiles...i think i would rather your life can get way too busy...even with good things...smiles...your puppy i am sure makes all the days interesting...let the writing come when it will...

  2. Life without a day planner is delightful, I'm sure.

  3. ah it's nice to just go with the flow of the day and being carried...sounds you and puppy are having a good time and when the muse knocks, you just grab a pen...smiles

  4. Ah..loyal cat takes the edge off the days and weeks and months of the calendar if they are particularly not what I thought they'd be ..or even if they are ;)

  5. Nice. I now recall the childhood days when there was no meaning of time... it was all about passing through the year with no understanding of the fact that our lives are embedded in the sands of time.
    I loved the ending. It is good to be free of time sometimes, I guess. Take care. :-)

  6. So nice to have a puppy as a calender... and the childhood had very few calenders...

  7. Maggie Grace, I'm grateful to say that, like you, my dogs sort of dictate the timing of my life. For so many years I was a slave to the daytimer. Oh, I still have one, but it's filled with things like: golf with Judy, lunch with Darleen and museum visits...though, at my age, there are those doctor appointments.

  8. wow beautiful! a day without a day planner and a cloked humdrum. bliss!

  9. Well at least you are only a slave to a puppy. Quite a task in themselves.
    Plenty of time to write.. congrats on day planner finish.

  10. The flow of eyelids and puppies is something special! So glad to see you in this place.