Saturday, February 8, 2014

dVerse: Sunflower Lily Pads

dVerse: Poetics ~ Sketchbook...In The Moment

Polyvore by Grace Beam

dreaming of the sea
and fields of sunflowers
so i float along the sea 
on a sunflower lily pad
loving the sun on my face
the breeze of the ocean
the sound of the waves
soft lapping against the boat

i watch you on the shore
as i float along
magic bubbles carry colorful fish
across the sky
while seagulls dive
for sunflower seeds

secure in our love
knowing you are there
while i am here
in the magic of my mind


  1. sounds peaceful on that sunflower floating on the water....
    magic bubbles & all the life...
    that security in love is a beautiful thing....

  2. This sounds so sweet and blissful... to float on bubbles and the sunflower and all...

  3. I like your 'in the moment' sketch....we can pretend, can't we:)?

  4. A beautiful atmosphere you have captured, and I love the ending.

  5. A lovely write Maggie Grace. >KB

  6. I like the visuals you paint

  7. ah i love the playfulness..the seagulls diving for sunflower seeds...the weightless and peaceful feel of the moment... enjoyed..

  8. Lovely I like the serene image you've painted.