Tuesday, March 18, 2014

dVerse: Waiting to Blossom

dVerse: Poetics ~ Color Me Spring

Art by Sunita Khedekar

how i yearn for spring
to find the buds within
ready to open to life
and see color
bright, vivid, happy
feel the winds
the lion of march
the lamb of april
the warm sun
beaming down 
soaked up by face & body
for the first time
outside of hiding
adults directly from the womb
of amnesia
buds in waiting
for their time
to fully blossom



  1. I can understand the yearning for spring to be eternal ~ May the season find you ready to see life and soak its colors ~ Thanks for linking up ~

  2. smiles...i am glad for spring...i look forward to that first day knowing it is here...feling that sun on my face...and knowing...smiles...and for the later part of this as well..of your journey...smiles.

  3. I hope the same for you, too. = )

  4. Wow! I read it and then saw the tags and reread it to discover so much I missed in that first read. May spring come and stay!

  5. you have captured the painting in words, well written

  6. spring is my fav time of the year and i can understand the yearning... it started full force over here last week..everything's blossoming and the landscape just vibrates with joy... smiles

  7. May there be spring in........her life always.

  8. Eternal spring we would not value as much as we do if it were not for the dull, dank winters ;) Nicely done.

  9. Buds in waiting like brides or maids in waiting... as well are waiting and not quite daring to believe that one fine day means spring...

  10. Those buds within need light and water so they can flourish and bloom renewed in the warmth of spring..

  11. I love the force you gave to "FELT" - it really marks a pivot in the poem that works great.

  12. This is a stellar piece.. the reference to the lion and the lamb... a great turn when we go into spring... may it be internal ...

  13. Wonderful perspective on the painting...and like buds waiting to blossom, it seems the white boat's cargo may be hope.

  14. strong, lovely words. "womb of amnesia" will stay with me :)

  15. I felt each and every word with you. Oh how I long for Spring in so many facets of my life. Thank you for sharing this beautiful verse...
    open the windows, let the light and breeze in. xo

  16. this poem has a lot of warmth, the spring full of life

  17. Internal spring...yes, I hope your longing is met Maggie!