Tuesday, March 4, 2014

dVerse: BAM

dVerse: Poetic Evolution

Polyvore by Maggie Grace

at age 7 i wrote of death
at 61 still writing of death
almost 20 years of healing
no fully/mostly conscious life
until my 40s
thought i had healed PERIOD
last year
and BAM
handfuls of pills
back into therapy

the evolution has been external
left a marriage where my need to heal
was unacknowledged
12 years with a loving man
who supported me from multiplicity
through several integrations
and an attempted suicide
we married a year later

he was with me last week
when second suicide attempt failed
knowing it wasn't "me" taking the pills
my circle of friends
real and virtual
has evolved in a beautiful
and unexpected way

i write my life
dVerse has helped me evolve
in expression and support
thankful you chose to continue


  1. smiles...i am glad you have found this vehicle to share you personal experiences and the joy and pain of living as well...interesting too how far back those feelings on death reach back as well....

  2. Maggie... so glad that you are here with us.. seems to me you have been living on the edge of the abyss for such a long time... I hope you can take that step to the right side... stick to friends, we are here to stop you from falling...

  3. Art is a miraculous form of therapy.

  4. Maggie, I read your words and gain much of life's wisdom through your muse. That is a gift you give of which I am thankful.

  5. THANK U for sharing you experiences with us... I may not know* you per say, but I care. I am glad you made it thru

  6. An honest and great share. Glad you found your voice.

  7. may our blessed Mother help you to move forward, dear Magie.

  8. Writing is one of God's healing gifts, and you are doing quite well in developing that gift. We have worn similar shoes, so I am especially interested in your thoughts here so poetically shared. Stay with us and keep sharing. There are many who need to read your words.

  9. Oh dear! so much of agony, so much of suffering - but I am glad that you found your release through creativity. Thanks for sharing.

  10. when the world crashes in on you, having something...someone...hmmm...

    I'm glad you have found a way to hold on and fight.

  11. I'm glad you're here.

  12. Hold on, dear Maggie. Hold on with everything you've got.

    I add my voice to the lovely chorus of those who have already commented: I'm glad you're here.

  13. ... there's no place like home and glad you are there for others

  14. oh! please do not let go of your spirit and your profound expressions! They are here to stay with us and so are you. God bless!

  15. It takes a lot of courage to lay yourself bare like this. I'm glad you feel that safety with your friends at dVerse...me included. I hope you feel better and better with each passing day.

  16. Glad you've found love, support, friends, and an outlet through words...keep writing! May God hold you in his grace, Maggie.

  17. writing as a therapy - i think for many it is - glad you found a way to express your emotions - and glad as well that we're continuing the pub..smiles

  18. Your posts are always so sad, so reaching. I send you hugs, love, and courage. Something we all need at times.