Thursday, March 20, 2014

dVerse: Darth Vader-Evil

dVerse: Kennings ~ Coin A Term

Polyvore by grace2244

the government's mind control program
with 83 sub-projects
called umbrella programs
that drugged children,
students, prisoners,
other unwitting victims
just to see what would happen
and more sadistic programs

could a child be developed 
as a secret agent
highly skilled
in many areas
without her knowledge
through predetermined
trauma-based dissociation
beginning at birth

a child built like a computer
to operate on cues, codes, signals,
programs upon programs
complete with self-destruct button(s)
call out dissociated personalities
with a particular skill
use them in a mission
and send them back to sleep mode
without even a flicker of radar
in the conscious child's brain?

what term can be used 
to describe this kind of program
an umbrella is too innocent 
to serve as a cover up
Darth Vader-evil imposed upon
innocents to serve our country

by whom?
the CIA
an underground CIA
something called the CIA but is not
at what level of government
is this Darth Vader-evil
that no one wants to see
or acknowledge

tick tick tick...


  1. Darth Vader-evil... great ken... and seriously? exposing kids to that kinda shit as if it won't effect them in the long run? like it'll just fade and become dust on their shoulders that they'll easily just wipe off? wow... dunno what else to say about that. Innocence just ripped away like it's nothing...

    1. Birth to death program. It's forever therapy once a "soldier" begins to remember. I didn't know until my mid-40s what had happened to my life.

  2. ugh, its stomach turning...and that tick tick tick...leaves a haunting feeling in th end...its only a matter of time before it runs amuk unchecked....all in the name of what?

    1. It was the Cold War...a means to an end. Child was a weapon/tool...not human. I found a collage I did years ago with 222 on it and one of me jumping to her death. This year was my 2/22 time to go off. Scary.

  3. a great and timely warning and message here. We give up our humanity when we enslave others - it is a great cost.

  4. You've come a long much is changing now, they aren't even teaching civics anymore..and are changing history!

  5. Oh secret's out..but my
    leader(MKboss) not a human..
    heSHE IS

  6. What a novel take on the prompt. :)

  7. Oh the Darth-Vader evel .. scares me beyond my mind... and that tick-tack... like a bomb ready to go off... really strong take.

  8. Darth-Vader-evil is a deep kenning that scares me too...well done. Glad you joined in.

  9. Very well crafted, Maggie.

  10. Suddenly, I have a strong urge to go kill John Lennon...

    But seriously, this story is all kinds messed up. I hope it isn't true. Well-written and suspenseful. I was hooked from the beginning.