Tuesday, April 1, 2014

dVerse: Totems

dVerse: Poetics ~ Animal Symbolism

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what is your totem animal?
i used to think such things gimmicky
until i came to understand
the presence of certain animals
birds, dragonflies, fish
to have meaning
in the overall scheme of things
called synchronicity

in Sedona, i saw hummingbirds
for the first time ever
my first morning
out the window while having
a healing massage
later in the day
a hummingbird crossed my path
while hiking on the mountain trail
after a chakra cleanse
back at the hotel
google: hummingbirds

ravens were a totem 
throughout my healing
sometimes bluejays and cardinals
crossed my path several times
in close proximity
my compass in life 
is sometimes marked
by nature's signs

i have learned to heed
the universe
and all it offers
to lead us out of our darkness
and into the healing light
of living


  1. nice... all the different encounters along the way... i like how they seam your way to healing...i saw my very first hummingbird in california a bit ago... they're magical creatures....

  2. Animals are very sacred souls of the spirit world--particularly in Sedona where the vortex lies so close. >KB

    1. Yes, I was drawn to Sedona because of the healing vortexes. It was my "spirit quest". Animals/birds had great meaning on that journey. Sacred souls of the spirit world...love that ♥

  3. meeting life on the paths makes me always feel connected somehow.. I like to see a symbolism or totem in those birds and critter

  4. Oh, how I want to see a real hummingbird - they sound gorgeous, magical...
    And yes, I too was a little sceptical about animal totems, but it seems to be such a deeply ingrained part of human nature. We endow ourselves with animal traits and strengths and powers ... because deep down we know we are weaker than they?
    Thank you so much for taking part.

  5. heeding the universe and all it offers is a great approach to life....learned a bit about animals totems and spirits from a native american friend.....ah i love hummingbirds...they come visit me on the porch at times....

  6. Hummingbirds and dragonflies, eagles and sparrows...i think God speaks to us through his creatures and there are lessons we can learn from them...

  7. beautifully written - I felt such peace as I read this; thank you

  8. We should all listen...

  9. Oh I adore this poem, and how the signs and messages of other creatures help us on our path. I absolutely believe this is true. Once I had an owl visitation after my mother's death, and it was profoundly healing. Our hummingbirds have come back - I just hung up the feeders today - all spring and summer they dive bomb the feeders day and night, tens of them. It is magical.

  10. I love the path of healing captured in this poem.

  11. I think we have so much to learn from our fellow creatures. I despair at those who just take animals at face value. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  12. i LOVE the last verse. i strive to live that way.

  13. I like the last verse too putting just perfect for we live our own ways SO true .........

  14. Nature and birds are so soothing. Sedona sounds so too:)
    I watch the birds through my window. There are a pair of blackbirds that nest close by.

  15. Immculately done!!!! How lovely is the interconnection !!!! And it ultimately ensures peace. Perfect!

  16. I totally believe in totems. As to a personal one: I think I'm a whole zoo! I once made a decision on what a butterfly did on the road I was on. Was the right one too. Don't tell anyone!