Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Apple's Solar Farm

windmills in france
atop the hills
me not understanding
our country's will

apple has made the move
to reduce carbon footprint
acres of solar panels
so easy to implement

could this be the start
of the large firms
to change the destiny
of world on the verge


  1. we do have some windmills in germany's north as well where the country is flat and the wind heavy from the sea... it wouldn't make sense in my region but we do have lots of solar panels on the houses which at least helps a bit... i do hope they continue to search for alternative energy and i also hope we manage to re-think our style of living and think twice before we turn on the air condition for example or let all the lights in the house burn all day... the little things help as well if many do them...

  2. it would be nice if it was....if we started actually caring and not fooling ourselves....alternative sources of energy will hopefully be a focus of the next generation...and i agree, rethinking our style of living....

  3. may be a move in the positive way will make some differences...nice lines :)

  4. I suppose anything is better than what we keep doing now, but I also think windmills are a bit of an eye sore... Nice piece!

  5. It's just a matter of time until a technological breakthrough gives us an alternative to oil that is economical enough to convince the world to change its ways, and I hope we don't totally trash the planet before it happens. Until then my footprint will be small...

  6. Windmills fascinate me. I occasionally see them around Alabama, but not often. It seems like they could be useful here. Nicely penned.

  7. Somehow I think we still need to lower our general consumption.. But there's always hope.. Better than fracking at least...

  8. Oh that large firms had a conscience...
    In the town where I live, we have windmills everywhere. But I do wonder of the impact of their carbon footprint of their very production...
    Anna :o]

  9. Well done. The windmills not far from us have been difficult for the migrating birds--still lots to learn.

  10. hey maggie.
    how have you been?