Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Colloidal Oatmeal

Mindful Stone Day 1

Immersed in my womb of lavender and oatmeal,
feeling the heat enter my being
and calm slowly creep through the chaos,
I spy an orb in my universe floating by, circling,
teasing me to try to grasp it.
I forget from bath to bath this little pleasure
and so it is a new surprise each time.
The elusive orb another might relish as bubble wrap
waiting to be popped
but is for me to behold
with my eyes and then with my hand,
trying to outsmart it's course to capture it literally.
Once done, the great treasure of exquisite softness
rolls between my fingers
as I decide which scar will be honored
with this gift.


  1. Love it! Mindfulness owned.

  2. So beautifully rich, wonderful writing!

  3. Thanks so much! Love how being part of this challenge has me being mindful much more often!