Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sounds of Silence

Mindful Stone Day 44

Nightmares for years
of a place unknown
a school, shopping center, dorm
Last night yet again
though it's been quite awhile
Strange books, a library,
feeling overwhelmed and unworthy

Suddenly awake breathing heavily
Initially thought it was carryover from nightmare
but it continued
Realizing I'm breathing making sounds,
I listen intently
A pattern of sounds
It's someone new crossed over from the
wall of amnesia
She cannot speak but repeats the pattern
She helps me calm down for I am panicked at
her labored breathing
Slowly feeling grounded, I fall back to sleep
I woke up later and my voice had returned
Waiting to get to know the newly surfaced being
who is part of me
And does she have the answers to stop that particular
nightmare hell

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