Thursday, February 21, 2013


Introspection 2.21.13

I have no roots
A sperm
An egg
Raised by evil
But light surges through
at 44

Breakaway from all previously known
A lone seed
needing to heal to sprout
to blossom

New roots began
nearly 12 years ago
Secure, loving, safe
Love of me
(who I was meant to be)

Last year a band on my finger
Loving fertilizer to grow my security
I belong with him
My roots intertwine with his
Together we are a stronger
happier entity

Even new ones
Can grow deeply into the heart
Roots need not be physically bound
into the soil
Self hydroponics
The heart suffices to grow new life

My roots are now reaching
to embrace
new family
friendships of safety
friendships to nurture my soul
My roots are true and heartfelt.

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